• Breathe” is a programme which I’ve introduced to Franklin.
  • Breathing disorders are very common in our community.
  • Learning to breathe effectively can alleviate and/or manage many physical, physiological and psychological conditions.

I am available for one hour individual or small group “Breathe” coaching sessions

What happens in a typical “Breathe” coaching session?

  • Assess the client’s mechanical breathing pattern and begin effective “Breathe” training
  • Use a bio-feedback programme to help with stress management and breath awareness
  • Offer a daily “Breathe” programme for the client, with follow up support as required.
  • Use my established network, if needed, to refer clients for further professional assessment. (Counselling, Physiotherapy and/or General Practitioners)

For More information 

Contact: Tamara Bennett 

021 255 1087

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If you need personal help with your order, please contact Dr Lam's Tai Chi Productions NZ authorised agent Tamara Bennett 021 255 1087 Dismiss