Tai Chi for MEMORY Instructor Training Workshop + Multi Updates

Location: KERIKERI

Venue: Kingston House (123 Hone Heke Road, Kerikeri, Northland 0230)

Google Maps … link to venue

Saturday & Sunday (27-28 February 2021)

Tai Chi for MEMORY Instructor Training Workshop (+ Refresher/Updates)
*Detailed information can be found in the programme section on the other side of this page
*Read below for Refresher/Updates

Tai Chi for Memory: An Empowering Programme for Everyone!

What is Tai Chi for Memory?
Studies have shown tai chi improves memory and brain health. Dr Lam’s team merged medical research and traditional Chinese medicine with tai chi to create an easy to learn program. It is especially useful for people with memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, or similar conditions. It is also designed to prevent these conditions.

Caring for people with memory loss is challenging for carers and family; this mind-body program engages everyone for a quality time together. It will improve most aspects of health including balance, immunity and relaxation, and can be practiced and enjoyed by anyone.

Step 1 ~ Enrol and Pay your Course Fee(s) to the Master Trainer (section below)
Step 2 ~ Order Required Resources (section below)
Step 3 ~ Register with TCHI (Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health Institute Inc)  HERE
Step 4 ~ Prepare for the Instructor Training Workshop (work with the DVD(s), read the Teaching Tai Chi Effectively book)
Step 5 ~ Complete pre-workshop paperwork and bring to the workshop (This will be emailed to you after you have enrolled and paid for the workshop)
Step 6 ~ Attend the workshop
Step 7 ~ Become a TCHI BCI (Board Certified Instructor) … read below
Step 8 ~ Share your knowledge and skills with others …
Step 9 ~ Update/Refresh your qualification(s) every two years, practise tai chi & have FUN!

TCHI Board Certified Instructor fee is required on successful certification:

The annual fee is payable direct to the Tai Chi for Health Institute. Following successful completion of the instructor training workshop, you will receive an email invitation to become a Tai Chi for Health Institute Board Certified Instructor (BCI), which is required before teaching the program (if not already a member). Annual fee is $25 AUD (Standard Membership) or $45 AUD (Premier Membership) regardless of the number of certificates you have. A TCHI Board Certified Instructor is a person who has fulfilled the requirements, completed the training of a Tai Chi for Health programme, and is registered with the Tai Chi for Health Institute board. For detailed information please go to this link HERE

Course Fees: 

Registration Course Fee Includes: two days tuition, morning and afternoon teas
*Participants provide your own lunch
*Participants must have the required resources, see below
Cancellation administration fee $50 (transferable to a future workshop)

Fee sections below:

  1. REPs Registered Member
  2. TCHC NZ Inc Member & 4 FUN
  3. Non-Member
  4. Resources Required
  5. Refresher/Updates


1. REPs Registered (15% Discount) ….. 17.5 CPDs

ADD TO CART Sat & Sun 27-28 February 2021 … 2 Days
Early Bird $250 incl GST (After 27 January 2021, $280 incl GST)

2. TCHC NZ Inc Member (10% Discount)

If you’re also a TCHI Board Certified Instructor … enter code BCI-5% in the cart for another 5% off your cart total

ADD TO CART Sat & Sun 27-28 February 2021 … 2 Days
Early Bird $265 incl GST (After 27 January 2021, $295 incl GST)

ADD TO CART 4 FUN !!! Currently qualified with TCD and you want to attend “Just 4 FUN” to upskill and have fun working with others … you can attend the 2-day weekend workshop for $100 (After 27 January 2021, $125 incl GST)  

3. Non-Member 

ADD TO CART Sat & Sun 27-28 February 2021 … 2 Days
Early Bird $295 incl GST  (After 27 January 2021, $325 incl GST)

4. Resources Required:

Teaching Tai Chi Effectively book 2011 ($25 discounted price for workshop participants ONLY)     ADD TO CART

Tai Chi for MEMORY DVD ($30 discounted price for workshop participants ONLY)     ADD TO CART


Note: A current First Aid certificate is recommended for all Tai Chi for Health Institute Instructors and workshop participants. Students are welcome to attend as course participants (Attendance certificate)

5. Refresher / Update(s)

TCM Refresher/Update:
ADD TO CART Sun 28 February 2021 required
***Instructors attending for a Tai Chi for MEMORY (TCM) Update are encouraged to attend Saturday at NO EXTRA CHARGE
Early Bird $150 NZD incl GST (After 27 January 2021 $165)

Other Updates
ADD Additional Refresher/Updates to the workshop price for $35/each.
An assignment will be required and emailed after registration is received.
Participants who DO NOT already have the TC Memory qualification, must attend the 2-day workshop to be able to update additional qualifications.


NOTE: If you are updating 3 or more Additional qualifications maximum payment of $100  ADD TO CART
NOTE: The TCA ‘Suite’ is considered one qualification
Email Tamara with the name of the updates you need.