42 Sword Forms

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Combined 42 Sword Forms

Duration: 95 mins.

Containing sword techniques of 4 major styles

Created to complement the 42 Forms, the Sword is a beautiful extension of the essential principles of Tai Chi.


Combined 42 Sword Forms


  • Introduction of Tai Chi and the sword forms
  • Step by step instructions by Dr Lam
  • Demonstration of the complete set from the front and back views.


  • sophisticated and powerful movements
  • step-by-step instructions by Dr Lam, assisted by Master Kam Lau Fung and Sybil Wong
  • different angles, slow frames and close-up for difficult movements
  • explanation of the inner meanings of the forms
  • demonstration of the complete set from the front and back views.


“I send you love and energy and appreciation for all your inspiration and instruction. Your video changed my life.” Peggy Tabor USA

“I use your video a lot to perfect my technique, to check accuracy of movements, listen to instructions and recall various Tai Chi principles.” Jana Solovka, Vic. Australia

“I have been practicing Tai Chi for over 20 years, and I have found no one that compares with Dr Lam?your presentation and expertise are what make the difference.” Ted Stark, OR, USA

“I also find that your explanations of the principles and moves are very thorough and easy to understand. Due to my working situation, going to Tai Chi classes are very difficult, but with the videos I am able to work out and learn at home and apply the principles in the class.” Allan Hartshorne

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