BUNDLE: New Year – January 2021

$107.00 (Including GST)



Tai Chi for Life & Tai Chi for Beginners – Special New Year Bundle

– Available for 1 month only! (40% off in January 2021)

  • DVD: Tai Chi for Life
  • DVD: Tai Chi for Beginners
  • MUSIC CD: Tai Chi Music CD (Volume 2)
  • WALL CHART: Warm-up and Cool-down Exercises Chart

Retail Price: NZ$107.00
Special Bundle Price: NZ$64.20 only! (40% off)


Tai Chi for Life DVD – Gentle Exercises for Seniors & Beginners

Tai Chi for Life is an easy and enjoyable activity with gentle exercises for seniors and beginners to improve balance, strength and health. After an introduction about tai chi and this program, Dr Lam will teach you the specially designed Tai Chi for Life set. He will explain what tai chi is and how it works magic for health through the lessons. He will also explain how to develop your tai chi. At the end of the DVD, Dr Lam demonstrates the entire set with both front-on and back-on views.

Tai Chi for Beginners DVD – Begin Your Journey to Better Health

We invite you to take the first step on your journey to better health and wellness. Within the comfort of your home, Dr Lam will guide you, step-by-step, through each movement. Discover what tai chi is all about, why Dr Lam created this program, and the benefits you can gain from practicing Tai Chi for Beginners. Featuring 8 lessons, Dr Lam will teach you the forms from different angles — with close ups, repetitions and diagrams — while dividing each form into small sections so you can follow along with ease. Throughout the lessons, Dr Lam will explain the tai chi principles and how to use them to improve your tai chi. After an introduction about tai chi, the contents and the benefits you can gain from learning Tai Chi for Beginners, Dr Lam will teach four Qigong exercises for energy and relaxation, followed by foundation movements designed to ease you into the tai chi set. At the end of the DVD, Dr Lam demonstrates the entire set with both front- and back- on views

Tai Chi Music (Vol. 2) CD

This music CD was produced to complement and enhance the practice of Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs. For the artists on this recording, it was a journey to express in music the feelings aroused by Tai Chi. They hope that you will hear the same beauty and inner strength that Tai Chi inspired in them.

Warm Up and Cool Down Exercises Wall Chart

This large wall chart outlines the 1-2-3 Warm Up and Cool Down Exercises as designed by Dr Paul Lam with photos and descriptions. It is a useful resource for individuals or for instructors to place in a prominent position for students’ easy reference. Dimensions: 23in x 33in (841mm x 594mm)