BUNDLE: Tai Chi for Arthritis – October 2021

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OCTOBER 2021 ~ Products of the Month

In celebration of World Arthritis Day (12 October 2021), Tai Chi Productions is offering this very special Tai Chi for Arthritis bundle offer

Special 8-Product Bundle, available in October 2021 only! (41% off)

  • DVD: Tai Chi for Arthritis (12 Lessons)
  • DVD: Tai Chi for Arthritis, Part 2 (6 Lessons)
  • HANDBOOK: Tai Chi for Arthritis
  • WALL CHART: Tai Chi for Arthritis
  • WALL CHART: Tai Chi for Arthritis, Part 2
  • WALL CHART: Warm Up and Cool Down Exercises
  • MUSIC CD: Tai Chi Music
  • MUSIC CD: Tai Chi Music (Volume 2)


Retail Price: NZD$193

Special Bundle Price: NZD$114 (41% off)


Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD
12 lessons with Dr Paul Lam – Recommended by the CDC and Arthritis foundations worldwide
In 1996, Dr Lam with a team of medical and tai chi experts created this safe and easy to learn program. Medical studies confirm Tai Chi for Arthritis relieves pain, reduces falls and improves quality of life, that is why the Arthritis organisations around the world advocate this program and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (www.CDC.gov) recommends it for fall prevention.

What is special about this DVD is that you will feel as though you are participating in Dr Lam’s class. After a brief introduction of what Tai Chi for Arthritis is and how this DVD can benefit you, Dr Lam will teach you with step-by-step instructions, lead you to practice and explain the reason behind every move. At the conclusion of the DVD Dr Lam will demonstrate the set from both front and back views. The unique music was composed with the rhythm and energy especially for this program!

It presents the entire program including warm up and cool down in a user friendly format. Dr Lam incorporates the tai chi principles to enhance your understanding and enjoyment.
Tai Chi for Arthritis (Part 2) DVD
The sequel of Tai Chi for Arthritis with 9 new movements in both sides.

Over the last decade, the Tai Chi for Arthritis program has touched over one million lives. People with or without arthritis have gained better health and enjoyment from practising it.

Part 2 is ideal for those who have completed the original program and are looking for a more challenging course. Designed to learn as though you are attending Dr Lam’s class, the 2009 edition teaches both sides of the Part 2 movements in an innovative format.

Combining over a decade of teaching and research experience, Dr. Lam incorporates the tai chi principles in his teaching to enhance your skill and deepen your understanding.

Tai Chi Music CD
Four beautiful and relaxing pieces of music composed to enhance Tai Chi practise and performance (Duration: 38 mins). The spirit of Dr Lam’s Tai Chi movements are captured in music, and the 4 pieces of music correlate to the 4 major styles of Tai Chi. Dr. Lam believes Tai Chi music should be energizing, enhancing and relaxing, with the flow and rhythm of Tai Chi. He has worked with the composer Jenny Ly to achieve these aims.

Tai Chi Music (Volume 2) CD
This music CD was produced to complement and enhance the practice of Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs. For the artists on this recording, it was a journey to express in music the feelings aroused by Tai Chi. They hope that you will hear the same beauty and inner strength that Tai Chi inspired in them.

Tai Chi for Arthritis Handbook
Designed to complement the Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD and supported by many Arthritis Foundations worldwide, the Tai Chi for Arthritis Handbook is designed to assist you with your practice. The handbook provides a handy summary of all movements with photographs and instructions. The new and previous Warm Up and Wind Down Exercises and the Qigong Exercise are also included. The Tai Chi for Arthritis Handbook assumes you are learning the Program from an instructor or by studying the instructional DVD.

3 Exercise Wall Charts

Large wall charts which outline movements with photos and descriptions. These are useful resources for individuals or for instructors to place in a prominent position for easy reference. Includes:

– 1-2-3 Warm Up and Cool Down Exercises chart

– Tai Chi for Arthritis wall chart

– Tai Chi for Arthritis (Part 2) wall chart

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