BUNDLE: Tai Chi for Energy – July 2024

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Tai Chi for Energy – Special Bundle for 1 month only! (40% off until the end of July 2024)

  • DVD: Tai Chi for Energy
  • DVD: Tai Chi for Energy (Part 2)
  • MUSIC CD: Tai Chi Music CD (Volume 1)
  • MUSIC CD: Tai Chi Music CD (Volume 2)
  • WALL CHART: Warm-up and Cool-down Exercises Chart

Retail Price: NZ$141.00
Special Bundle Price: NZ$84.60 only! (40% off)


Tai Chi for Energy DVD – A New Revitalizing Tai Chi Program

This program is comprised of two different tai chi styles. Chen style is vigorous and complex, combining fast and slow movements with powerful spiral force. Sun style incorporates unique qigong (life energy) movements with agile stepping. These two seemingly contrasting styles have complementary internal energy. Using his deep understanding of tai chi principles and over 30 years of teaching experience, Dr. Lam has carefully combined movements from Chen and Sun styles to produce a powerful synergy in Tai Chi for Energy. Thus, with regular practice and in a relatively short period of time, this program will help you acquire better health and wellness, internal energy, and ability to manage stress.

Tai Chi for Energy (Part 2) DVD – A Challenging Sequel

Dr Lam has added new Chen style movements from the 36 and 56 Forms to enrich your Chen style experience with more sophistication. He explores the mysterious spiral force (Chan Suu Jing) and develops the synergy of both styles to deliver unbelievable power and vitality. Dr Lam recalls, “The more I practiced Tai Chi for Energy the more powerful the synergy became. One day, Part 2 hit me like a lightening bolt, as though the power could no longer be restrained.”

Tai Chi Music (Vol. 1) CD

The four beautiful and relaxing pieces of music are composed to enhance Tai Chi practise and performance. The 4 pieces of music correlate to the 4 major styles of Tai Chi. Dr. Lam believes Tai Chi music should be energizing, enhancing and relaxing, with the flow and rhythm of Tai Chi. He has worked with the composer Jenny Ly to achieve these aims.

Tai Chi Music (Vol. 2) CD

This music CD was produced to complement and enhance the practice of Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs. For the artists on this recording, it was a journey to express in music the feelings aroused by Tai Chi. They hope that you will hear the same beauty and inner strength that Tai Chi inspired in them.

Warm Up and Cool Down Exercises Wall Chart

This large wall chart outlines the 1-2-3 Warm Up and Cool Down Exercises as designed by Dr Paul Lam with photos and descriptions. It is a useful resource for individuals or for instructors to place in a prominent position for students’ easy reference. Dimensions: 23in x 33in (841mm x 594mm)


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