BUNDLE: Tai Chi Music CD Bundle (Volumes 1 and 2)

$52.00 (Including GST)

Dr Lam’s Tai Chi Music CDs are specially composed to aid you your practice. For October only, when you buy the Tai Chi Music CD you will receive the Tai Chi Music 2 CD free!  Offer expires 31 October 2018. Not to be used with any other discount.



Available only in October 2018 – Buy 2 Tai Chi Music CDs (Volumes 1 and 2) for only the price of 1!

Tai Chi Music Special Bundle for October 2018 only! 

Tai Chi Music CD (Volume 1) and Tai Chi Music CD (Volume 2)

Retail Price: $52.00

Special Bundle Price: $26 only! (Two for the Price of One)


Tai Chi Music (Vol. 1) CD

Duration: 38 mins (4 tracks)

The four beautiful and relaxing pieces of music are composed to enhance Tai Chi practise and performance. The 4 pieces of music correlate to the 4 major styles of Tai Chi. Dr. Lam believes Tai Chi music should be energizing, enhancing and relaxing, with the flow and rhythm of Tai Chi. He has worked with the composer Jenny Ly to achieve these aims. Tai Chi integrates mind, body and spirit to achieve inner tranquillity and power. Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi movements flow smoothly and powerfully as they are driven by an internal energy. Students who practise along side him can almost feel the energy magically transfer to them. Composer Jenny Ly works with Dr Lam to capture this energy in music which can be used to enhance practise and performance. These music can be used by anyone for tranquillity and inspiration.

Tai Chi Music (Vol. 2) CD

Duration: 51 mins (8 tracks)

This music CD was produced to complement and enhance the practice of Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs. For the artists on this recording, it was a journey to express in music the feelings aroused by Tai Chi. They hope that you will hear the same beauty and inner strength that Tai Chi inspired in them.