Overcoming Arthritis Book

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Overcoming Arthritis

Dr Paul Lam & Judith Horstman
144 pages & 165 color photos
Published by Dorling Kindersley

The Tai Chi for Arthritis program is supported by many Arthritis Foundations worldwide.

This new book shows how you can use tai chi to help take control of arthritis and your life. It contains comprehensive information on the arthritis, tai chi and orthodox and alternative therapies.

It features Dr. Lam”s complete Tai Chi for Arthritis program with photographs of all movements and clear instructions on how to prepare and learn tai chi. You can learn the program from this book alone, or to make it even easier, use the Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD as well.

Overcoming Arthritis is a useful reference for people who are arthritis and rheumatology professionals.


Overcoming Arthritis

Reviews by readers:

Best combination of information and action
Reviewer: Stephanie Taylor MD from Monterey, CA USA
Dr. Lam and Ms. Horstman have written a beautiful book that outlines the available treatments for arthritis as well as Dr. Lam”s own program of Tai Chi. The graphics are beautiful, and lend an uplifting quality to the text. There is enough information to start an exercise program on your own and a list of teaching resources in the back. This book promises and delivers a better quality of life for men and women with arthritis. I have been following the program for over a year and have benefited greatly. This is one of the best applications of complementary medicine out there. It”s a winner!

If you have arthritis, it”s a must
Reviewer: Nancy Kieffer from Walnut Creek, CA USA
“Overcoming Arthritis” is unique since it serves as both a read-through and a reference book. It”s excellent on both scores. It can”t be beat as a self-help manual because not only does it lay out the facts of the disease for arthritis sufferers, it also evaluates the conventional and complementary methods of treatment. Moreover-and this section is outstanding-the authors present with easy-to-follow instructions a do-it-yourself tai chi program, designed especially for people suffering from arthritis. This beautifully illustrated book would even be welcomed as a gift.

A wonderful resource for arthritis sufferers
Reviewer: A reader from NSW Australia
My mother in law suffers with arthritis and osteoporosis and I just bought her a copy of this book.It covers all the right bases:what arthritis is,the different types,and all the different therapies from the conventional(pharamaceutical intervention)to the alternative therapies-and there are many.The authors tell of their own experience with arthritis with Dr Paul Lam encountering some serious symptoms in his twenties.
The way he responded to this and the solution he found is the most interesting part of the book.Basically he learned Tai Chi,became an international medal winner in the sport and went on to design the unique Tai Chi for Arthritis program which is described with beautiful graphics and photography in the second half of the book.Being a primary care physician himself,Dr.Lam has thoroughly researched the medical benefits of his program-he even has a published clinical trial which demonstrates that this really works.
I”m impressed with this title.I just hope my mother in law likes it and that at 73 years young she will find that it works for her and brings her some relief from this debilitating condition.

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