Qigong for Health

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Health Benefits
Qigong (Chi Kung) is a mysterious part of Chinese culture, many believe it has magical powers to transform one”s mental and physical health. In this DVD, Dr. Paul Lam will show you how to gain the many health benefits by practising this ancient Chinese art.

As well as detailed teaching of the 5 Element Qigong, the DVD includes warm up and washing Qi (wind down) exercises and a bonus demonstration of the Sun Style 73 Tai Chi Forms. This set of forms is especially rich in Qigong techniques.

Dr. Paul Lam is a world leader in the field of tai chi for health improvement, his innovative teaching will make learning easy and enjoyable for you.


Qigong for Health

Five Element Qigong to cultivate internal energy and enhance your Tai Chi.
Duration: 60 mins.

What is Qigong?
“Qigong” comes from two Chinese words. Qi is the life energy inside a person that circulates throughout the body to provide inner strength and maintain good health. Gong is a method of exercise in this context. So Qigong is an exercise which cultivates better and stronger Qi. The stronger Qi you have, the healthier and stronger you are.

Qigong is especially beneficial for health and mental relaxation. The 5 elements Qigong taught in this DVD is easy-to-earn and powerfully effective for health.

The Five Element Qigong
According to ancient Chinese philosophy, all things in the universe are made up of five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements have different properties: earth nurtures all living beings, metal is sharp and changeable, water runs down and irrigate the earth while wood is characterised by growth and fire is hot.

The five elements represent five major internal organs of the body. They interrelate and influence each other. While one enhances another, they also negate each other. The positive relationships are: metal gives life to earth, earth gives life to water, water gives life to wood, wood to fire and so on.

The negative relationships also work in a continual circle; earth negates water, water negates fire, fire negates metal, metal negates wood and wood negates earth and so on. The 5 Element Qigong is based on this theory of nature, and is effective in promoting all aspects of health, including relaxation, mental concentration and cultivating Qi.

How to do Qigong well
The ultimate goal is to use your conscious mind to direct the Qi, use Qi to direct your physical body, thus combining the mind, Qi and body as one co-ordinated entity. This may sound challenging, but the actual learning and practice is relatively easy. With regular practice you will progress steadily to the ultimate goal. You will gain health benefits almost right from the start of your practice. The most enjoyable part is the practice, and the many health benefits you gain as you progress.

Extra inclusion
Dr Lam has included a demonstration of the Sun Style 73 Tai Chi Forms. Sun Style is characterised by its unique Qigong exercises; in fact, it is often called the moving Qigong. Tai Chi and Qigong compliment each other and in many ways is part of one another.


“.. the video is excellent You did very well describing the state of mind and physical postures to allow the qigong exercises to provide their benefits. A beginner would need to hear the various explanations several times in order to FULLY understand all the information that you presented but that is the beauty of a video or instructor — repetition of information…Thanks for a great training video, I hope that we will be able to use the form as we progress in our practice. (I was thrilled to see the Sun 73 demo as well!!!!! Great”

“Your video is so easy to understand and remember. I had so much fun learning that I wanted to go to the next step!” Andy Cramer, Illinois, USA

“I send you love and energy and appreciation for all your inspiration and instruction. Your video changed my life.” Peggy Tabor USA

“I use your video a lot to perfect my technique, to check accuracy of movements, listen to instructions and recall various Tai Chi principles.” Jana Solovka, Vic. Australia

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