Tai Chi for Health – The 6 Forms

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The Six Forms was designed for beginners to gain maximum health benefits in minimal time, composed by Dr. Paul Lam based on the world’s most popular forms, the 24 Forms. The DVD is easy-to-follow and is suitable for people without prior knowledge of Tai Chi . Find out how much Tai Chi can improve the quality of your life by learning this program.


Tai Chi for Health – The 6 Forms

Gain health benefits in minimal time.
Duration: 100 mins.


  • The DVD begins with a general introduction of Tai Chi and how it works.
  • The instructions are comprehensive, with four repetitions of each movement, which are built on one another progressively so that viewers learn as though they are actually attending Dr. Lam’s class.
  • Includes warm-up and the 3 in 1 Qigong exercises.


  • Learn Tai Chi in the comfort of your own home
  • Innovative and proven teaching methods
  • Suitable for almost any age and level of fitness
  • Bonus inclusion of 3 in 1 Qigong a breathing exercise that is effective for relaxation, at the same time improving your level of Tai Chi.

Postures include:

  • Tai Chi Commencement
  • Twist Step/Brush Knee (in my opinion the trickest one to figure out)
  • Play Guitar
  • Repulse the Monkey
  • Grasp the Birds Tail (ward off, roll back, press, push) Left & Right


“First of all, my deepest gratitude to you for introducing me to the marvelous art of Tai Chi. I very recently purchased your 6-form Yang DVD (DVD is definitely the way to go, please transfer more of your videos to that format!!!) I have practiced different forms of yoga for years and even some Qigong exercises but none of them have given me the wonderful feeling of soft flowing qi and a still mind like practicing your simple 6-form Yang style! I sense that this is the beginning of a journey for me into learning this wonderful art and I look forward to purchasing more of your videos as my skills progress…Thanks again! With sincerest respect” Mark Stackhouse

“…Your “6 form” learning format is EXCELLENT. Just the flow of the “6 forms” video is so easy to follow and I do not have to continually stop and reverse the tape….after the “6 forms” tape, I was enthusiastic to go on?thanks for making the tape “6 forms” …it was not the first Tai Chi tape I bought and it is definitely the best.” – Celia Dozois Rochester MN, USA

“In my opinion the “6 Forms” DVD is one of the best introductory resources available to Yang Style Tai Chi. Master Lam & students methodically breakdown the most fundamental postures from the larger & more complicated Yang 24 sequence. The teaching method is first class. Dr. Lam provides brief explainations without being too conceptual or”flowery” to get in the way of understanding the movement.

Repetition is key to the success of this DVD. Each posture is carefully broken down and repeated several times. This process does work and the form will eventually “sink in” to your body”s natural memory. The excellent “gentil warm up” and “Qi Gong wind down” at the end are an added bonus. As a student of martial arts for many years I highly recommend this title to anyone interested in learning the basics of Tai Chi. This is a worthy investment in your health.

One thing I truly love about this form is that you can do it in VERY little space & time. I manage to squeeze practicing this form several times into daily routine no matter where my travels might take me. It”s a real gem and I am grateful to Dr. Lam & his students for doing such a fine job on this production!

My final advice is to just get up off the couch and try it – your body/mind/spirit will love you for it.” Adam Tinkoff, Brandon, Vermont, USA

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