Tai Chi for Osteoporosis

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Tai Chi for Osteoporosis – DVD

Improve balance and reduce the risk of falling
Duration: 90 mins.


Tai Chi for Osteoporosis – DVD

Improve balance and reduce the risk of falling
Duration: 90 mins.

Designed to build strength, improve balance and better health. This two part program can enhance quality of life and reduce the risk of falls.

Osteoporosis Australia supports the Tai Chi for Osteoporosis program designed by Dr Paul Lam” Judy Stenmark, CEO, Osteoporosis Australia.

Tai Chi may help people with osteoporosis to improve their muscular strength, co-ordination and balance.” Professor Markus Seibel, Endocrinologist, Concord Hospital, Sydney.

Tai Chi is a fabulous exercise for older adults as it fulfills many of the outcomes we wish to achieve.” Professor Shona Bass, Population Health, Deakin University, Melbourne.

There are numerous forms of tai chi and they differ significantly. Dr Lam has designed this easy-to-learn, effective and safe program for people with osteoporosis. Medical studies have shown tai chi improve balance, reduce falls and slow down the loss of bone density. Tai Chi movements from these studies have been incorporated in this program.

The Creator / Producer

Dr Paul Lam, a family physician in Sydney, Australia, is a world leader in the field of tai chi for health improvement. Dr Lam and his team of experts have created several Tai Chi for Health programs to improve people”s health and well-being. He is a past international competition gold medalist, and a producer of several best-selling DVDs and an author of Tai Chi books.


The program commences with medical experts who explain osteoporosis and how the program can be helpful. Without prior Tai Chi knowledge, you can learn from Dr Lam”s step-by-step instructions. For further improvement, there are Advanced Instructions. A demonstration of Dr Lam performing the set is provided for revision at the end.

The Set

1. Commencement form
2. Open and close
3. Wave hands – left side
4. Brush knees
5. Kicks
6. Repulse monkey
7. Wave hands – right side
8. Finishing forms

How to Use this DVD/Video

This program is designed for an average learner to complete in 3 to 6 months, spending half an hour a day. There is no advantage in learning it in a hurry. It is not how quickly you learn the program, it is how well you learn it that gives you maximum health benefits and enjoyment. With tai chi, often the people who learn slowly gain more benefits and progress further.

If you are unable to do the forms exactly as shown on the DVD/video, you should do what you can within your comfort zone and visualize doing it as shown. Visualization can give health benefits and improve tai chi.

Schedule a regular time each day to practice. Following a daily practice routine is an excellent way to learn, enjoy and benefit from tai chi. You can learn the program alone or find one or two friends to study together. Learning with others can be more fun, and you can encourage and check each other. Between ½ and one hour is a good length of time to practice daily.

Dr Lam recommends learning one movement per session, practice at least three sessions before learning the next. Remember to warm up prior and cool down after your session. It is best to practice until the feel and rhythm of your tai chi becomes comfortable before progressing to the next movement.

Tai chi is different from other exercises. Initially you may feel awkward and clumsy, be prepared to spend some time getting used to this. Generally, after about three months, you get past it and begin to really enjoy tai chi. Medical studies have shown people gain significant health benefits after three months of tai chi. Chances are by then you will feel healthier, stronger and enjoy a better quality of life. Give yourself a chance by persevering — your life is worth it.

When you reach the end of the recording, you can practice with Dr Lam by following him as he demonstrates the whole set with his back to you.

If you wish to learn more from Dr Lam”s instructional DVD/videos, try Tai Chi for Arthritis Part I and Part II if you enjoy the internal aspect. If you prefer a more complex and challenging set, the 24 Forms may suit you. Feel free to write to Dr Lam for any advice or information. Enjoy the journey to the world of tai chi and better health!

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