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Tai Chi for Rehabilitation – 6 Lessons with Dr Lam

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Duration 5 hours.

We invite you to use this rejuvenating program to restore your health and continue to better health and wellness.  Dr Lam will guide you, step-by-step through each movement of Tai Chi for Rehabilitation as though you are in his class.

At the end of the DVD, Dr Lam demonstrates the entire set with both front-on and back-on views.



Tai Chi for Rehabilitation – An Empowering Program

This is an ideal program to aid recovery from ill health.  Physical and occupational therapists may find it a useful tool for their patients/clients.  Dr Lam has combined his medical and tai chi  expertise to create a very effective therapuetic tool.  Almost anyone can learn this program, to help recover from conditions including stroke, heart disease, injury, surgical procedure or tiredness and stress.  Tai Chi for Rehabilitation will improve health and wellness after recovery.

Self-management is most useful technique to take better control of your health, or to empower their patients/clients to do so.  The program combines Yang, Sun and Chen moves and gently leads into either Tai Chi for Energy or Tai Chi for Diabetes.  Dr Lam will help you to utilise the power of your mind to regain your inner energy.

This program is part of a trilogy, the next step being Tai Chi for Energy, which will help you continue to build up strength and vitality.  Finally you can progress to the exciting Tai Chi for Energy Part 2, a challenging set to extend your tai chi abilities.

Names of the Forms

  1. Dan Tian Qigong
  2. Commencement form
  3. Open Close
  4. Wave Hands left
  5. Open Close
  6. Harmonising Yin and Yang. left
  7. Open Close
  8. Harmonising Yin and Yang right
  9. Open Close
  10. Wave Hands right
  11. Open Close
  12. Closing Form


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