Tai Chi in Flight

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Duration: 35 mins.

Easy Tai Chi designed to give vitality and prevent thrombosis for people who sit for long periods of time.


Tai Chi in Flight

Flying can be a health hazard. Studies have shown a significant percentage of people who fly for more than four hours suffer from DVT (deep vein thrombosis or clots in the vein), a serious, possibly fatal condition. In fact the entire body is adversely affected with long flights, not just DVT. To minimize these health problems, Dr Lam has created a program combining Tai Chi, Qigong and back stabilizing muscle exercises. The exercises are easy-to-learn, you can practice them within the confines of your seat. Dr Lam has used them during his numerous flights in his travel to teach Tai Chi around the world and has found them helpful.


This short DVD contains a set of simple stretching exercises incorporating Tai Chi principles, followed by a set of Qigong (to cultivate internal life energy) exercises. They can be practiced in your seat without disturbing the person next to you. After learning both segments, you can practice the entire set by following Dr Lam in a flowing rhythm. Designed to give vitality, help prevent thrombosis, and improve flexibility for people from long flights or other rides; it can also be used by almost anyone who needs gentle stretching exercises while sitting down.

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