Tai Chi Music CD Volume 2

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This music CD was produced to complement and enhance the practice of Dr Paul Lam’s programs. For the artists on this recording, it was a journey to express in music the feelings aroused by Tai Chi. They hope that you will hear the same beauty and inner strength that Tai Chi inspired in them.

Duration: 51 mins (8 tracks)


1. Tai Chi for Arthritis – Part I
2. Tai Chi for Arthritis – Parts I and II
3. Music for Sun Style Tai Chi
4. Music for Yang Style Tai Chi
5. Music for Chen Style Tai Chi
6. Tai Chi 4 Kidz
7. Tai Chi for Beginners
8. Tai Chi for Health

Duration: 51 mins (8 tracks)

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Dimensions 14 × 12.5 × 1 cm