Tai Chi @ Work

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Tai Chi @ Work – DVD

Duration: 90 mins.

The Secret to Managing Your Stress

You will learn how the wisdom of these ancient tai chi principles can apply in today’s workplace, and anywhere else to manage stress.

Dr Paul Lam has worked with a team of tai chi, health and business professionals to create this innovative program for people at work. They will share with you the secrets to managing stress and how to apply this simple, easy to learn, practical tai chi set to turn stress into a source of strength.

You will learn this set easily because the program contains only three forms. These three powerful forms are derived from three main tai chi styles, namely Sun, Chen and Yang. Once you have learnt these forms, you will be shown how to incorporate three core essential tai chi principles to your daily life to manage your stress and improve your health.


Tai Chi @ Work – DVD

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The Creator / Producer

Dr Paul Lam, a family physician in Sydney, Australia, is a world leader in the field of tai chi for health improvement. Dr Lam and his team of experts have created several Tai Chi for Health programs to improve people”s health and well-being. He is a past international competition gold medalist, and a producer of best-selling DVDs and an author of Tai Chi books.


Dr Lam and his team address the significance of stress in the workplace, and show how Tai Chi can effectively manage this. Dr Lam teaches tai chi sessions of varying period of time. You can then follow the Office Practice section to reinforce your learning. The secret of tai chi principles at work will then be revealed by the team. Finally, we offer direction as to where to go from here.

  1. Introduction
  2. Learning 5 minutes session
  3. Learning 15 minutes session
  4. Learning 30 minutes session
  5. Office Practice
  6. The secret of tai chi principles at work
  7. Where to from here?

The Forms:

  • Commencing form
  • Open and close
  • Leisurely tying coat
  • Leisurely tying coat with full body motion
  • Brush knees
  • Brush knees with full body motion
  • Closing form


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