The Combined 42 Forms (Vol 1 & II)

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The Combined 42 Forms (Vol 1 & II)

Duration: 150 mins.

The Combined 42 Forms set is composed by Professors Men and Li. It has integrated all four major styles seamlessly with its own wonderful rhythm and energy


The Combined 42 Forms (Vol 1 & II)

Tai Chi – The Combined 42 Forms DVD
Approx total duration: 5 hrs

Integrating 4 Major Styles to a Greater Set

The Combined 42 Forms set is composed by Professors Men and Li. It has integrated all four major styles seamlessly with its own wonderful rhythm and energy.

Dr Lam has learned it from Professor Men and continued to work with him for many years. He has won the gold medal for this set at the Third International Competition in Beijing 1993. Since then, Dr Lam has been working hard to develop depth and power of its health-giving power.
The Combined 42 Forms set provide the opportunity to learn different styles of tai chi and the power of synergy with the combination set. It is enjoyable and rewarding to practice.

  • Step-by-step detailed and in-depth instructions
  • Close-ups, repetitions, different angles and foot prints to facilitate learning
  • Demonstrations (front and back on views) of each section and the entire set

The Program

Following an introduction to tai chi and of the benefits you will gain by learning this set, Dr Lam will teach warm up exercises and the Combined 42 Forms with his stepwise progressive teaching method. There will be close ups, repetitions and diagrams to aid learning. Throughout the lessons, Dr Lam will explain the tai chi principles and how to use them to improve your tai chi.

Commencing Form

Section 1

Form 1 – Commencing Form
Form 2 – Stroking Bird’s Tail-Right
Form 3 – Single Whip – Left
Form 4 – Lifting Hands
Form 5 – The White Crane Flashing Wings
Form 6 – Brush Knee
Form 7 – Parry and Turn to Punch
Form 8 – Roll Back and Press forward – Right and Left
Form 9 – Step Forward, Parry and Punch
Form 10 – Apparent close-up

Section 2
Form 11 – Opening and Closing of Hands
Form 12 – Single Whip – Right
Form 13 – Fist under Elbow
Form 14 – Turn Body and Push Palm on Right and Left
Form 15 – Fair Lady Works at the Shuttle – Right and Left
Form 16 – Heel Kicks – right and left
Form 17 – Cover with Hand and Punch with Fist
Form 18 – Parting Wild Horse’s Mane – Left and Right
Section 3
Form 19 – Wave Hands Like Clouds
Form 20 – Step Backward to Subdue the Tiger
Form 21 – Kicking with Toes Forward – Right
Form 22 – Punching Ears with Both Fists
Form 23 – Kicking with Toes Forward – Left
Form 24 – Turn Body and Slap Foot
Form 25 – Step Forward & Punch Downward
Form 26 – Oblique Flying
Form 27 – Lowering Movement
Form 28 – Golden Cock Standing on One Leg
Form 29 – Step Backward and Thread Palm
Section 4
Form 30 – Press Palm in Empty Stance
Form 31 – Lifting Palm & Standing on One Leg
Form 32 – Body Thrust with half Horse Stance
Form 33 -Turn Body with Full Roll-Back
Form 34 – Hold and Punch in Crossed Squatting Stance
Form 35 – Thread Palm and Lowering Movements
Form 36 – Step Forward Seven Stars
Form 37 – Step Backward Riding Tiger
Form 38 – Turn Body with Lotus Kick
Form 39 – Drawing Bow to Shoot Tiger
Form 40 – Stroking Bird’s Tail – Left
Form 41 – Cross Hands
Form 42 – Closing Form

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