Tai Chi & Qigong Weekend Workshops

yin_yangSCHEDULE 2022-2023

Skill Building Workshops


Watch this space for upcoming workshops …

Contact Tamara if you want her to create a workshop … in person or via ZOOM


Register online: use the link in the workshop fee section

Internet: Tamara Bennett – Westpac #03 0406 0015704 000 (please use your name as reference)

*Please email queries to taichi@smilingdragon.co.nz


Tai Chi with Tamara  Master Trainer Tai Chi for Health Institute 

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TCHC NZ Inc ~ Visit: www.tchc.co.nzTCHCNZ_Logo_July2011

Tai Chi for Health Community NZ In (TCHC NZ Inc) was developed in 2010, in hopes to unite and offer NZ TCHI instructors support and to further the spread of Tai Chi for Health programmes within the NZ communities. Our aim is to encourage all NZ TCHI instructors to join as members. Members are eligible for discounts to workshops and merchandise, invitation to the AGM/Workshops, plus the opportunity to apply for scholarships to the Sydney One-Week, Dr Lam’s NZ workshops and our AGM Workshops.