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Corporate Tai Chi

The programme aims to provide a simple and flexible set of tai chi movements to integrate into daily work practices. This programme is designed to enhance employee health and productivity and be cost effective for any company or work place.

Benefits for your Workplace

    • Healthier more energized staff 
    • More effective communication 
    • Improved group dynamics 
    • Increased flexibility 
    • Greater balance 
    • Cost effective 
    • Reduced stress 
    • Reduced absentees 
    • Mind and Body integration 
    • Can be practiced by anyone and everyone 
    • Programme designed by experts in tai chi and work place management

TCW dvd coverTai Chi @ Work is designed to manage stress more effectively. It will improve the overall effectiveness at the workplace, as well as leadership and teamwork at an individual level. By learning the program experienced tai chi practitioners can expect to improve their tai chi by incorporating the three key tai chi principles into the forms from three tai chi styles. The program is non-competitive, non-judgmental and an enjoyable activity that an individual can do by oneself as well as a team together. It is very different from most things we do daily so it is refreshing. It enhances the individual or team’s productivity as well as each member’s personal growth.

How does it work?

The essential principles of tai chi were derived from a deep understanding of nature. The law of nature provides the secret to strengthen your mental and physical self, so that you can deal with the world and the people around you more effectively. Just as it is faster to swim with the current rather than against it – working with the power of nature is more effective than against it. Likewise listening and working with other people is more effective than arguing and fighting against everyone. 

Tai Chi @ Work captures the core of tai chi philosophy and integrates it with a simple set of movements that incorporates three levels of awareness. The practice of the movements will enhance awareness which in turn incorporates this philosophy.

A significant bonus is that tai chi has been shown to improve mental and physical health. Studies after studies demonstrate that a healthier person is happier and more productive. A person with better work/life balance is a greater asset to the employer. Studies have shown that wellness programmes in the workplace profited the employer. For example, Coca Cola reported a saving of $500 per employee per year in health-care claims after they introduced a wellness program into their company. Continental Airlines reported a 45% drop in the cost of workplace injuries in less than 2 years of establishing a workplace wellness program. 

For More information

Contact: Master Trainer Tamara Bennett