Tai Chi 4 Kidz Instructor Training ~ Stage 1 Online & Stage 2 via ZOOM 2023

Tai Chi 4Kidz ~ Stage 1 Online & Stage 2 via ZOOM

Instructor Training Workshop + Multi-Updates

14-15 October 2023

2 Half Days

Workshop Details

Saturday & Sunday … 14-15 October 2023

Stage 2 Workshop ~ 2 Half Days
Sat & Sun Oct 14-15 (NZ time 9am-1pm) … which is Fri & Sat Oct 13-14 (East Coast USA 4-8pm)

Tai Chi 4 Kidz Instructor Training Workshop (+ Refresher/Updates)

*Detailed information can be found on my website Here
*You will receive a certificates
*Read below for Refresher/Updates

Step 1 ~ Enrol and Pay your Course Fee(s) to the Master Trainer (section below)
Step 2 ~ Order Required Resources (section below)
Step 3 ~ Register with TCHI (Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health Institute Inc) HERE
Step 4 ~ Prepare for the Instructor Training Workshop (work with the DVD(s), read the Teaching Tai Chi Effectively book)
Step 5 ~ Complete pre-workshop paperwork and bring to the workshop (This will be emailed to you after you have enrolled and paid for the workshop)
Step 6 ~ Attend the workshop
Step 7 ~ Become a TCHI BCI (Board Certified Instructor) … read below
Step 8 ~ Share your knowledge and skills with others …
Step 9 ~ Update/Refresh your qualification(s) every two years, practise tai chi & have FUN!

TCHI Board Certified Instructor fee is required on successful certification:

The annual fee is payable direct to the Tai Chi for Health Institute. Following successful completion of the instructor training workshop, you will receive an email invitation to become a Tai Chi for Health Institute Board Certified Instructor (BCI), which is required before teaching the program (if not already a member). Annual fee is $25 AUD (Standard Membership) or $45 AUD (Premier Membership) regardless of the number of certificates you have. A TCHI Board Certified Instructor is a person who has fulfilled the requirements, completed the training of a Tai Chi for Health programme, and is registered with the Tai Chi for Health Institute board. For detailed information please go to this link HERE

What is the Self-paced Tai Chi 4 Kidz Instructor Training Workshop?

Dr Lam created this package with two stages. Stage 1: Fundamentals of Tai Chi 4 Kidz Instructor Training is a self-paced virtual program containing essential material to train effective and safe instructors. All you have to do is to follow the sequence with Dr Lam’s video guides for every step.

After completion of Stage 1, you will be ready for Stage 2 (a one or two day instructor training workshop to be eligible to become a Tai Chi for Health Institute (TCHI) Board Certified instructor). All TCHI Master Trainers around the world can conduct this workshop as listed online at the Tai Chi for Health Institute (tchi.org) website.

Suitable participants include health and fitness professionals or those with other similar qualifications and experienced tai chi students.


*** When you register for this Stage 2 workshop, you will receive a link to the Stage 1 online package that you can complete in your own time. Do enroll asap because you must complete it before Stage 2. Depending on your experience, it may take anywhere from 10 to 70 hours.

This Stage 2 workshop is personal. The Master Trainer will work with you to answer your questions and help to improve your tai chi and ensure you can teach the program safely and effectively.

There will be discussions, practice sessions, sharing of skills  and knowledge, Question and Answer portions, and, most importantly, personal tuition. The Master Trainer will give you feedback on what you did well and how you can improve your tai chi and teaching skill  and connect you to the Tai Chi for Health Institute (TCHI), fellow instructors, Senior Trainers and offer continual support.

Course Fees: 

Registration Course Fee Includes: two days tuition, morning and afternoon teas
*Participants provide your own lunch
*Participants must have the required resources, see below
Cancellation administration fee $50 (transferable to a future workshop)

Fee sections below:

  1. Full Price Workshop
  2. REPs Registered Member
  3. TCHI BCI + TCHC NZ Inc Member 
  4. TCHC NZ Inc Member 
  5. Resources Required
  6. Refresher/Updates

1. Full Price Workshop (Non-TCH Member)

ADD TO CART Sat & Sun – 14-15 Oct 2023  … 2 Half Days
Early Bird $295 incl GST  (After 14 Sep 2023, $325 incl GST)

2. REPs Registered (15% Discount) CPDs TBC

ADD TO CART Sat & Sun – 14-15 Oct 2023  … 2 Half Days
Early Bird $250 incl GST (After 14 Sep 2023, $280 incl GST)
*Prices above have been discounted by 15%

3. TCHI BCI + TCHC NZ Inc Member (15% Discount)

ADD TO CART Sat & Sun – 14-15 Oct 2023  … 2 Half Days
Early Bird $250 incl GST (After 14 Sep 2023, $280 incl GST)
*Prices above have been discounted by 15%

4. TCHC NZ Inc Member (10% Discount)

Join TCHC NZ Inc … Click HERE

ADD TO CART Sat & Sun – 14-15 Oct  … 2 Half Days
Early Bird $265 incl GST (After 14 Sep 2023, $295 incl GST) 
*Prices above have been discounted by 10%

5. Resources Required:

Teaching Tai Chi Effectively book 2011 ($25 discounted price for workshop participants ONLY)     ADD TO CART

Tai Chi 4 Kidz DVD ($25 discounted price for workshop participants ONLY)     ADD TO CART


NOTE: A current First Aid certificate is REQUIRED for all Tai Chi for Health Institute Instructors and recommended workshop participants. Students are welcome to attend as course participants (Attendance certificate)

6. Refresher / Update(s)

TCK Refresher/Update
Early Bird $150 NZD incl GST (After 14 Sep 2023, $165)

Other Updates
ADD Additional Refresher/Updates to the workshop price for $40/each.
NOTE: Your assignment(s) will be emailed after enrollment and payment is received, and your TCHI registration has been completed online.


QH      ADD TO CART       

NOTE: If you are updating 4 or more Additional qualifications maximum payment of $125  ADD TO CART
Please email Tamara with the name of the updates you need.

Your Workshop Master Trainers

(NZ) Tamara Bennett Master Trainer TCHI
NZ agent for Tai Chi Productions
REPs (NZ Registered Exercise Professional)

Tamara’s tai chi & qigong journey began in 1999 for health reasons and since 2004 she has been Director and Instructor in her Smiling Dragon Tai Chi & Qigong business. She gained her first TCHI (Tai Chi for Health Institute) Instructor qualification in 2005 with TCA (Tai Chi for Arthritis), followed by TCD (Tai Chi for Diabetes), TCK (Tai Chi 4 Kidz), TCE (Tai Chi for Energy), TCO (Tai Chi for Osteoporosis), STCA (Seated TCA) and FP (Falls Prevention), TCR (Tai Chi for Rehabilitation), TCA2 (Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 2), TCM (Tai Chi for Memory), TCHC (Tai Chi for Heart Conditions), TCL (Tai Chi fir Life), and QH (Qigong for Health – 5 Element Qigong).
In 2014 Tamara completed her TCHI Master Trainer training in Sydney, Australia. Tamara is an Authorised Master Trainer for the following programmes: Tai Chi for Arthritis, Tai Chi for Arthritis – Part 2, Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis, Tai Chi for Arthritis for Falls Prevention, Tai Chi for Rehabilitation, Tai Chi for Diabetes, Tai Chi for Energy, Tai Chi for Memory, Tai Chi for Heart Conditions, Tai Chi for Life, Qigong for Health – 5 Element and Tai Chi 4 Kidz. Tamara also teaches 15 self-funded community tai chi classes; runs TCHI Instructor Training and Skill Building Workshops, offers workplace tai chi, Qigong workshops and Tai Chi for Kidz to local schools.

(USA) Patricia Lawson Master Trainer TCHI, is a retired secondary level educator, holding board certification in the states of Florida and New York.  A former martial artist and 2nd degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu, Pat has been practicing tai chi chuan since 1992 and is the owner/chief instructor of Tai Chi Fulcrum in Stuart, Florida. Having worked with Paul Lam since 1999 and currently a Master Trainer for the Tai Chi for Health programs he designed, Pat also offers classes in Yang 24 Competition Forms, Yang 32 Sword Form, Sun 73 Forms, Chen 36 Forms, Five Element Qigong, Tai Chi for Arthritis, Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention, Tai Chi for Rehabilitation, Tai Chi for Heart Conditions, Tai Chi for Back Pain, Tai Chi for Diabetes, Tai Chi 4 Kidz, Tai Chi for Life and Tai Chi for Energy through the Cleveland Clinic/Martin Health Systems and the Black Belt Leadership Academy.  Pat has served on the Coordinating Council of the State of Florida Arthritis Partnership and is a Past President of the Tai Chi for Health Community, a non-profit USA organization seeking to improve the quality of peoples lives through Tai Chi for Health programs.  Now serving as a representative on the international Tai Chi for Health Institute Board of Directors, you may find more information on her classes for all ages and abilities on www.taichifocus.com.


Below are some useful ideas for teaching young children:

  • There will be less precise instructions, focusing on keeping the flow.
  • Young children like repetition so it is a good idea to start by repeating what you have done before.
  • Young children are not apt to practice at home. So construct your program so they do their practice in the lessons. Do not expect to practice at home, but if they do, be sure to encourage them.
  • Young teens and older children, will benefit with more structure and challenge.
  • Children like imaginations, use stories and imagery that appeal to them.
  • Make sessions shorter. Young children have short attention span, after 5-10 minutes intermix with activities like games or stretching exercise that they can do comfortably.  Children usually feel comfortable when doing something they are familiar with.
  • Work with a group of similar age, e.g. between 5 -7 rather than wide range of age. If you are teaching in the school system, get help from school teachers. Avoid having a large class without teacher’s help.
  • It is good to apply gentle discipline with children so establish some gentle rules like they cannot walk out of the class without giving a reason. A good rule is not to touch each other.
  • If you are teaching the martial art application, be sure you have very small group with well behave children. You must be able to see and supervise such activities.
  • Children like some kind of ritual so the Wushu greeting is a nice ritual to teach them. Indicate the significance of the beginning of the lesson and help them to understand the meaning of mutual respect.
  • As a general rule when children are getting disorganised or look like they have lost interest, the thing to do is to practice with them, keeping the flow. When they are doing something it is much easier to be in control.
  • Expect and encourage good behaviour.
  • Minimal correction. Avoid being too exact with the movement. Just bring in essential principles, e.g. show them and work with them using the posture. Use the imagery of standing upright, like a string but not being tense.
  • A good way to involve the rest of the family is to get other siblings and parents and even grandparents to join the class. You have a chance to introduce tai chi to the whole family and provide them with quality time doing tai chi together. It may be just 10 minutes together  doing a couple of moves but it will be a good activity to bring the family together.
  • Often schools have group sports like football, that require organising and joining groups. Many children when they leave school live stop this group exercise. Whereas tai chi is not a group exercise and it can be done anywhere. So you can motivate the children to practice and enjoy the proficiency of what they can do, the nice feel of tai chi, so even if they stop after your lesson they could eventually come back. I met many people exposed to tai chi as a young child and many years later they pick it up again.
  • Be flexible, if something doesn’t work, try another approach. Children are dynamic and fun, teaching it their ways is more effective.